Morse Talker

Morse Talker : Fingertips messenger

Chat to your friends directly from your Apple Watch or your iPhone !

Category : Social Networking

Update : April 28th 2015

Version : 1.1

Size : 12.9 Mo

Languages : English, French

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With Morse Talker send free messages to all your friends directly from your Apple Watch or iPhone.

To write messages we integrated a keyboard based on a simplified version of Morse.

Only three buttons are required to write : ideal for the Apple Watch small screen !

And for fans of physical buttons, you will again be able to type messages without having your eyes glued to the screen !

Morse Talker was entirely designed to work seamlessly and simply on your Apple Watch. We focus on the essential : the exchanges with your contacts. Custom notifications allow you to see at a glance your new messages and respond directly from the watch.

We have also added a widget on the iPhone for writing to your recent contacts directly from the Notification Center.

Morse Talker uses 3G/4G or WiFi (when available) to send your messages, so do not worry for your SMS consumption. In addition, no subscription is necessary, once you download the app, send as many messages as you want !

Once your account is created, the list of your contacts and preferences are stored online. If you change your device, you easily find all your information.

Your turn : "Morse" !


Version 1.1
  • Improved handling of Morse and images for Apple Watch.