Explorer GPS

Explorer GPS

Stroll through the streets, Explorer GPS will always tell you the right direction !

Category : Navigation

Update : July 17th 2015

Version : 1.2

Size : 5.4 Mo

Languages : English, French

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— Now quickly access waypoints close to you ! —

Like strolling into town ? Like the discoveries and the unexpected ?

Or maybe you want to throw your GPS every time he says, : « Turn around as soon as possible !" ?

No worries ! Explorer GPS is here.

Simply enter your destination or place a marker on the map and an arrow will continuously indicate you which direction it is and how far, but you choose the route.

You also have the option of adding a small map to help direct you (and change distance unit to the Anglo-Saxon).

To avoid unlock your iPhone every 10 seconds, we have integrated a Widget to have quick access to this information directly from the Notifications Center.

In addition, Explorer GPS is also available on the Apple Watch !

For now the application only displays a map with your location, your destination and the distance. But we promise, as soon Apple will extend the functionality of the watch we will add the ability to see the direction of your destination directly from your Apple Watch !

Finally, Explorer GPS saves you time by storing your 10 recent destinations which can allow you to prepare your trips in advance.

Explorers let’s go !


Version 1.2
  • NEW : Now quickly access waypoints close to you !
Version 1.1
  • Improved Zoom function on Apple Watch.