Loupita – The game

Loupita - The Game

Experience the extraordinary adventures of Loupita in the heart of the Baous !

Category : Games/Kids

Version :

Update : Sept. 17th 2014

Size : 94.6 Mo

Languages : French


Young adventurer this is the game for you !
Because of global warming, the Big Oak is in danger. Just allow Loupita make every effort to save him !
With the help of his friends, in a fabulous scenery, you will be confronted various challenges and will have to find many objects.
This extraordinary adventure will lead you to an ultimate character with immense powers...

This game is the beginning of a long story that you will soon discover...
Children will enter a beautiful world that parents will love to share with them !

Developed in collaboration with Antonin Lohner.
With the participation of Arnaud Etienne for soundtracks and Chloé Jeandel for voice.


- Beautiful scenery
- Very lovable characters
- Mini-games and puzzles that will delight children !
- And an exciting and poignant story !

Let's play !


  • Better late than never !
    Loupita - The game now supports different screen resolutions !
    We also took the opportunity to make some improvements. This is an opportunity to (re)discover the adventures of Loupita and his friends !