DomSoldes (?)

You can find, on this page, all the information you need to fully appreciate the experience DomSoldes. Our application will have no secrets for you !

Application operation

Once you flash on an item in a store, take your DomSoldes application and go to the "MyPurchase" rubric.

Corresponding page to the item "MyPurchase"

Operation of the calculator to Sale.

Sales calculator operation

At first, you must enter the price the price of your item in the box provided for this purpose. (1) Similarly, enter the percentage discount on the item. (2)
If needed, you can enter one second discount on the item. (3)
So you directly get the final delivery on your article (4) and the amount to be paid in cash*. (5) Gone are the headaches !
Now that you have the price of your item after reduction, you can exit the application, but admit it, it would still be sad...
That's why DomSoldes offers now to submit input fields to zero for the final price of a new article (6) or better, add the sublime article on which you have to flash a shopping list ! (7) So you can continue your purchases and track your expenses as and without exceeding your budget !

Entering the name of the item to add

Once you have selected the option "Add item", a pop-up opens and asks you to enter a name for it. If you want to put anything, do not panic, DomSoldes undertakes to put one in your place.

Ajout d'un nouvelle article

Add a new item


Adding item to a list

Now you need to add the item to a shopping list.
You can add it to an existing list or create a new one, a pop-up will open to allow you to enter a name for it.
Let your imagination run wild ! And if you're lacking inspiration, we fly to your rescue by choosing one for you !

Ajout d'une liste de shopping

Add a new Shopping list


"ShoppingList" topic

Now you can view all your shopping lists at any time. It's very simple ! Just select the "ShoppingList" topic.
Then you get to a page that lists all the shopping lists that you created, obviously with the opportunity to select one at a time for more details on the items it contains.
If you list is no longer useful, no worries ! Click "Edit" and delete it !

Listes de shopping

Shopping lists


Receipt corresponding to a list

Once you have selected a list, you can see, for each item it contains, its initial price and the final price after discount.
Icing on the cake DomSoldes You also calculates the total amount of your purchase and delivery that you received !
Again, if an item please you more, no problem ! Click "Edit" and delete it from the list.

Ticket de caisse



Details on item

Wait, it's not finished yet ! You can calculate the final price of your item and add it to a shopping list. You think like me, you think that would really be able to view your article from the application. Again, DomSoldes is at your service ! Select an item from your list and go directly to every detail.

Détails d'un article

Details of the item

When you arrive on this page for the first time, a picture tells you that there is no image for this article. Then, simply select the icon shown by the camera and you can either take a picture or select one from the film.

Ajouter une photo

Add a photo

You're probably wondering what are the other information that appears on the screen. First, at the bottom left, you will find four text fields you specify the name of your article, the shop where you bought it, its original price and of course, its price after discount. Uh wait... I never said the place of purchase me... That's right ! Click the icon to the left of the camera and you can change the name of the article but also indicate the name of the shop where you bought it. And all of these icons at the top, what they do ?

Modification des informations de l'article

Edit the article

The first, as you've probably guessed, you can return to the list of your articles. The second will make you happy I am sure ! It gives you the opportunity to share your article via Facebook/Twitter, email or save the picture in the film.

Partager son article

Share his item

I forgot ! If you find that the information and icons cluttering up the screen too, no worries, tap once on the image and your item will only apparent.

Registration favorites

When you go shopping, I'm sure there is always a time when you come across a real favorite, the unexpected item and for some reason or another (lack of money, time...) you can not buy it right away.
It is for this reason that in DomSoldes we integrated a feature that allows you to list these favorites to be sure to never miss when you have the opportunity to offer them to you.
To save your fancy, you have two options. Either you take a picture or choose from the film (right button), or you take a note as text (left button). Then, after selecting the list, you can edit the name or image as well as to associate a price. As for shopping, you can also share it with your friends.

Liste des envies

Wish list


French sales calendar

As we approach the summer and winter, I'm sure you ask everyone the same question... When are sales ?
Now you will always be the queen/king of shopping with the calendar balances built DomSoldes ! (Please note, data need an internet connection to be recovered. Careful when traveling abroad.). For this, nothing more simple, you simply go to the "MyPurchase" page and click the icon below.

Icône du calendrier

Calendar icon

Thus, you will see the schedule of summer or winter sales, current or future. The latest will be presented in detail according to the dates of each region.

Calendrier des Soldes

French sales calendar


Currency converter

You saw a gorgeous dress on a French site ? You are abroad ?
Now with DomSoldes you get a currency converter with updated exchange rate time real (note, data need an internet connection to be calculated, careful when traveling abroad.).
To access this service, you should go in the "Converter" part of the application. You will then enter the value to be processed and then select from the drop down lists provided for this purpose the base currency and the final currency. Then display the value and the currency you want. Easy isn't it?

Convertisseur de devises

Currency convertor

You are ready ! You are now equipped to confront sales in all serenity ! It'll just fller in shops and impress your friends/girlfriends with DomSoldes !

*Prices are calculated as an indication and can change based on calculations applied in store.